Friday, May 18, 2007


I watched 28 Weeks Later.

I loved it. I wasn't sure walking into it with a run time of about 91 minutes according to Fandago and my local theater. But I really did enjoy it. I think it was better then the first one. I'm looking forward to 28 Months Later also (Yes it really is happening).

Apparently there is some controversy and outrage over a certain image. It's the one below.

Some people are really pissed about it. I in turn think I am going to buy it now just to piss those people off. It's pricey ($125), but I do like it for obvious reasons. I never planned on buying it but it is a really nice sculpt. I don't know if I am going to buy it but as I said, maybe I will in hopes of pissing a lot of whiny people off. More angles of it can be found here.

Now I guess people complain that women are treated as sex or.....I really don't know why people bitch about the way women are handled in comics. There are two things that separate the way women are shown in comics from the way that men are. Boobs and sometimes they wear less clothing. Those are the only differences. Women are not typically shown in a weak manner anymore. They puts them on equal footing with the men in that area. Yes their clothes can get skimpy, but so can the guys. Yes they are shown with perfect bodies and big boobs. And you know what/ The guys are shown with perfect bodies also. I mean Professor X manages to have six pack abs when he has spent the better part of his life in a wheel chair. Women are not treated any different from the guys in comics or most mediums in today's world.

Maybe I have missed the point though on why people complain about the way they are shown in comics. If I have then feel free to tell me and I will tell you exactly how they are shown no different then guys. Equal rights people. You get it in every form not just the ways that work best for you.

This statue has a good chance of being purchased also.

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universalperson said...

Yes. But who is more likely to get killed or turn evil or just vanish into thin air for no good reason.

Whatever happened to the girls of Young Justice?